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End Conflict, End Hunger

Hunger is on the rise for the fourth year in a row, and conflict is the number one cause. Of the 821 million hungry people in the world, 60% of them live in countries ravaged by violence.

Families are being pushed to the brink of starvation by a vicious cycle of upheaval, displacement, economic destabilization, loss of infrastructure and agricultural disruption. In fact, 10 of the world's 13 worst food crises are driven by conflict.

Imagine being a father whose children are crying out for food, but you don't have anything to give because you've lost your job.

Or a mother, forced to watch helplessly as your infant wastes away. You haven't eaten in days — and can no longer produce the milk you need to feed your baby.

When prices skyrocket and resources become scarce, people are desperate for food. But in conflict zones, there's simply nothing left to eat.

Hunger is heartbreaking. It robs children of their futures and fills families with pain.

But it doesn't have to be this way. YOU can make a difference. YOU can replace heartbreak with hope.

You are more powerful than you know. Be a hero for hungry families by signing our pledge and asking others to do the same. Take action today. Together, we can ensure that families in crisis have the food they need to survive.

Together, we can end hunger.

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